Dr. Garrett is currently implanting the Reveal LINQ monitors in his office, the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic. A LINQ is an insertable cardiac monitor that records and detects abnormal heart rhythm. Irregular heartbeats can be related to a variety of conditions, such as: fainting, heart palpitations, atrial fibrillation and unexplained stroke.

The LINQ monitor is a wonderful diagnostic and monitoring tool. The monitor is approximately the size of a paperclip and will last for 3 years. It takes minutes to implant the monitor under the skin and only local numbing is needed. Please call 901-747-3066 for more information or to schedule an appointment to further discuss this convenient treatment option.

Reveal LINQ monitor is an insertable cardiac monitor. It records and detects abnormal heart rhythm. This small device can be implanted at our office and lasts 3 years. Schedule an appointment to discuss this treatment option.